No Two Days

From: Rob and Jim Recordings

Music: Rob Robleto & Jim Cahoon
Lyrics: Rob Robleto

Rob Robleto - guitar, vocals
Jim Cahoon - bass guitar, drums

I walked my dog yesterday
today I'll walk with you
the dog again tomorrow
I wash the car on Saturdays
on Sundays I sleep in
on a couch that I borrow

Everytime I look ahead
I fall farther behind
I can't seem to place the moment
I began to mind

Weeknights you come over
if it gets too late you stay
watch the ceiling fan above
I drop you off in the morning
and I pick you up at noon
a day in the life of

No two days are quite the same
and the rain just passes by
the things we always had became
the things we have to try

It's very late, I don't want to wake you
I walk out the backdoor
just to see if the stars are out tonight
It's not too long before you join me
you take my hand and smile
but you never say a word

Everytime I wonder what
tomorrow's going to bring
I watch you watch the moon rise
and I know I've got everything