From: Rob's Songs

Music and Lyrics: Rob Robleto

Rob Robleto - guitar, keyboards, vocals

Avalon where are you now
the secrets that you guarded one by one got lost somehow
I find you gone and you left no trace
and the truth of what I'm saying is so hard to face
and I've gone, Avalon

The quiet trees and the soothing sky
I wish you would explain it since you know much more than I
I'm not sure where I should go
I keep waiting for that dream where you let me know
and I've gone, Avalon

The lightening strikes twice and the ocean roars
I should know by now it never rains it pours
everytime I think I've found a way somebody slams the door
and I'm caught within a memory of distant shores

You're out of sight I'm almost out of my mind
the answers I keep searching for are not the ones I find
a fine time to change your mind
but in my heart I know you never meant to be unkind
and I've gone, Avalon
Avalon, Avalon...