Her Window Faces West

From: Rob's Songs

Music and Lyrics: Rob Robleto

Rob Robleto - keyboards, vocals

Her window faces west
watches the sun go set
watches the clouds go by
watch them move across the sky
watch them move away from the world she knew today

Her window faces west
she says she knows her view's the best
she sits beside it in her chair
thinks about the cooling air
can almost feel the breeze outside reaching her inside

But the sun in the sky, that's her only love
how I wish that I could hold her eyes the way that window does

Her window faces west
the things she knows she's only guessed
but I do believe she's right
watch her watch the day become the night
she says it sets her free, wish she'd look that way at me

Her window faces west
the things she do she don't regret
she says that you can do no wrong
once you've watched the world go round that long
and I tell you when she smiles, she's in my heart erasing miles

It's the things you cannot own are the things she loves
how I wish her heart belonged to me, the way that window does