From: Rob's Songs

Music and Lyrics: Rob Robleto

Rob Robleto - guitar, keyboards, vocals

I awoke on a sun-baked beach, the taste of sand in my mouth
the last thing I remember was a great ship heading south
I felt cool water touch my sunburned shoulder, felt a drop of water kiss my lips
I opened my eyes and beheld the beauty of the sun eclipsed

oh won't you please, please believe in me
I took a long road just to find you, can't you see?
that when a beggar robs a rich man let it be
and who am I to judge the movements of the sea

the tide comes in and sweeps my soul away
and I see her face in the sunrise and they
said I would never feel this way
they said a good thing always slips away

 ancient trees are silhouetted against a deep blue sky
the island's small but the days are long, she lies here by my side
beneath a waterfall we dance together, the music from our souls
she went to play in the ocean one morning, found her body on the shoals

I hold her lifeless body in my arms so long on that chilling, barren beach
and the waves seem so far away
so far away


can't look up to the sky because
I'm afraid I might see the same stars that we saw last night
nothing's changed tonight
and nothing changes